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Nudity within the family home is something quite normal. Many kids and parents will walk from the shower to their rooms in the nude and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Relaxed nudity in the home is different from family nudism in many ways. For starters, many parents might not identify as nudists as nudity is a simple result of many people living in one home.
 Naturism Family
The naturist philosophy has several sources, many of which can be traced back to early 20th century health and fitness philosophies in Germany, though the concepts of returning to nature and creating equality are also cited as inspiration. From Germany the idea spread to the UK, Canada, the United States and beyond where a network of clubs developed. The model of German naturism is to promote naturist family and recreational sports, with the German Association for Free Body Culture (DFK) being a member of the German Olympic Sport Federation (DOSB). French naturism developed on the basis of large holiday complexes. This in turn influenced Quebecand the United States. A subsequent development was tourist naturism, where nudist resorts would be built to cater for the nudist tourist, without any local base. This concept is most noticeable in the Caribbean.

Family nudism is when a family will place an emphasis on seeking place where being naked together is appropriate. Naturist and Nudist families might visit nude beaches or nudist resorts together as a family. This active seeking of placed to be nude together, both kids and parents, as a family, is what the term family nudism really means.